What is ASProtect 64?

ASProtect 64The solution is designed for professional protection against unauthorized use, industrial and home copying, professional hacking and analysis of software products distributed over the Internet and on any physical media. The distinctive feature of the product is support of only 64-bit applications and .NET applications for Windows.

ASProtect 64 is based on all-new protection engine never used by ASPack Software before and provides software copy protection for .Net applications as well as protection against cracking and decompilation.

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ASProtect 64 features

How does ASProtect 64 differ from ASProtect 32?

Application type for protection ASProtect 32 ASProtect 64
Native x86-32 yes no
Native x86-64 no yes
.NET no yes

The application turns into Mixed after the protection (.NET + native x86-64)
Mixed (.NET + native x86-32) no no
Mixed (.NET + native x86-64) no yes

Supported operating systems